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UNDP’s Partnership with the Global Fund

The Global Fund achieves its goals through a broad range of partnerships, including with the United Nations family. UNDP partners with the Global Fund to support and strengthen national responses to HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria. The objective is to ensure access to quality health services for all, and enable all those living or affected by the diseases to live healthy, productive lives. The partnership leverages UNDP’s mandate to strengthened institutions to deliver universal access to basic services and rebuilding resilient health services in crisis and post-crisis settings.

  • UNDP supports the implementation of Global Fund programmes on an interim basis in countries facing significant capacity constraints, complex emergencies, donor sanctions, or other difficult circumstances;
  • Develops national capacity and strengthens national systems to gradually reduce the need for UNDP implementation support and to transfer the role of Principal Recipient to national entities when circumstances permit;
  • And transforms national responses to the 3 diseases by providing policy and technical support in areas of UNDP expertise and mandate, such as human rights and gender equality, sustainable financing and environmental sustainability, and reaching key populations at higher risk

UNDP is requested to serve as the Global Fund’s Interim Principal Recipient (PR) in countries facing a wide variety of special challenges, including serious capacity constraints, post-crisis or complex emergencies, weak governance and accountability, grant implementation difficulties and financial irregularities, donor restrictions, or other exceptional circumstances. UNDP only serves as an Interim PR when a national entity cannot fulfil this role, as determined by the Country Coordinating Mechanism and/or the Global Fund, including in countries under the Global Fund’s Additional Safeguards Policy (ASP).

UNDP plays a key role in supporting countries facing challenging circumstances to enable access to essential social services through Global Fund programmes. UNDP thus helps these countries to access Global Fund resources, to make the money work, to manage the risks, and achieve significant health outcomes, all the while building national capacity and institutions that will ensure sustainability of Global Fund programmes.

In 2017 UNDP as interim Principal Recipient (PR) of Global Fund grants, was managing 36 grants covering 19 countries and three regional programmes.