Core Programmes: HIV Prevention, Treatment, Adherence & Care

Core Programmes: Hiv Prevention, Treatment, Adherence & Care

A national HIV response to promote HIV prevention amongst AGYW, and to provide care and treatment, including promoting adherence to treatment for AGYW affected by HIV, should seek to include core programmes such as the following, depending on the outcome of situational assessment.

Programme design and delivery should also seek to identify and address specific national gaps and bottlenecks (such as obstacles to the practical implementation of programmes or the lack of involvement of AGYW and their communities) that prevent programmes from achieving their outputs, outcomes and overall impact, including:

  • Involving adolescent girls and young women
  • Including adolescent boys and young men
  • Providing adolescent-responsive services, and

Providing integrated services, which includes integrating HIV responses into sexual and reproductive health services, gender-based violence and broader development programmes.

Critical Enablers