How can you use the Toolkit?

How can you use the Toolkit?

Accelerating and expanding HIV responses for AGYW - during the development and review of national strategic plans and investment cases; the development of Global Fund funding requests and the implementation and evaluation of Global Fund programmes, capacity strengthening, advocacy and action planning - requires:

  • Understanding the HIV epidemic amongst AGYW in the country context and the underlying determinants that increase their risk of HIV
  • Promoting the meaningful participation of AGYW
  • Developing rights-based and gender-sensitive interventions within a funding request, strategy or plan

Partners can use this (section of the) Toolkit to address these steps.

The Toolkit provides introductory information on AGYW for those developing HIV plans, programmes and funding requests. It identifies key steps and programmes required to comprehensively address the HIV-related health rights of AGYW. The Toolkit does not seek to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the response, but rather to guide users through the steps, linking to relevant resources and tools, in developing an effective response. It also provides guidance, case studies, examples, lessons learned, research and links to various resources to support partners to undertake gender-responsive assessments, with the participation of AGYW. These assessments should seek to identify the HIV epidemic and factors leading to increased risk of HIV acquisition amongst AGYW, and to respond accordingly, including through developing interventions and activities within a strategy, plan or funding request, which:

  • Provide core HIV-related programmes to ensure appropriate prevention, treatment, care and support for AGYW
  • Promote the participation of AGYW in all aspects of the HIV response
  • Promote human rights and gender equality, reduce gender-based violence and harmful gender norms, and
  • Address other structural factors that impact upon AGYW and increase their vulnerability to HIV.

For more information on understanding and addressing structural factors that drive the HIV epidemic amongst AGYW, please see the Critical Enablers section of the UNDP Capacity Development Toolkit:

  • Understanding the links between human rights, gender equality, enabling legal and policy frameworks and HIV, TB and malaria
  • Identifying human rights barriers and how they affect HIV, TB and malaria, including for key populations
  • Developing rights-based and gender-sensitive programming responses
  • Strengthening legal and policy frameworks for HIV, TB and malaria
Guidance: Addressing AGYWs in Global Fund funding requests

The Global Fund’s Applicant Handbook provides detailed guidance on the Global Fund funding request process, including the development and review of national strategies and the role and importance of a participatory country dialogue that includes vulnerable and key populations, to develop a funding request that addresses AGWY and gender equality. It also provides information on the various forms of technical assistance and financial support available to address structural factors such as human rights and gender equality during the various steps in the process.

The Global Fund has set aside additional “catalytic funds” to incentivize countries to allocate sufficient funding for priority programmes – such as scale up of programmes to address AGYW - within its funding requests.

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