Cash Transfers / Social Grants

Cash transfers / social grants

Cash transfers and social grants provide financial incentives to AGYW and may be useful for preventing HIV. In some countries, studies suggest that cash transfers have lowered the prevalence of HIV or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) amongst AGYW. This is particularly so where they meet basic survival needs, help to keep girls in school and prevent AGYW from entering into transactional sex or making partner choices based on economic necessities. So, in certain country contexts, cash transfers and social grants for AGYW may be an important programmatic intervention, as part of a comprehensive package of HIV prevention services, to reduce the risk of HIV amongst AGYW.

Capacity Required

The organisation is able to assess whether or not cash transfers are relevant in the country context and where they might have an effect on HIV incidence among adolescent girls in specific settings.

The organisation is able create synergies between cash transfer programmes and complement other HIV prevention programmes such as those focusing on keeping girls in school, and psychosocial support and care.

Critical Enablers