Engagement scans

An engagement scan is a rapid scan of laws and policies relating to health, HIV, TB and/or malaria and affected populations, including key populations in a country, and relevant law and policy-making opportunities and processes. It aims to provide country partners with information on opportunities for engaging in law and policy review and reform. It focuses on national processes, but also covers opportunities at international and regional levelIn this way, it helps partners, particularly civil society to plan interventions aimed at the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government, for strengthening legal and policy frameworks.

An engagement scan aims to:

  • Provide a brief overview of a country’s legal environment, including, where possible, LEA recommendations for law and policy review
  • Identify the key institutions that are relevant to law and policy reform
  • Detail the processes through which law and policy reform occurs, and
  • Outline the ways in which civil society organizations can engage in these events and processes.

Key Resources

UNDP Guidance for Conducting an Engagement Scan [Forthcoming]

Critical Enablers