How do I use this section of the platform?

How do I use this section of the platform?

Guidance / Key Resources / Tips

This section of the platform provides background information,  guidelines, suggested approaches and lessons learned. A number of the pages have Key Resources which include; draft tools; generic terms of reference (TORs); case studies etc. Most of the resource can be adapted to the country context and the purpose of the process being facilitated, supported or managed. In addition number of  pages have and County Tips which provide case material that may be relevant in different situations.

In common with most websites, hyperlinks are provided to relevant pages within the platform, other UNDP sites and a number of relevant organizations, please note that shared links are not an endorsement.


This section aims to reach a wide range of audiences including but not limited to health and development partners, governments, civil society, as well as people living with; or affected by HIV, TB and malaria -- providing them with general knowledge as well as guidance.

Living Platform

The content of the site is dynamic and new material is being added / edited on a regular basis. It is intended as a ‘Living’ platform where new and innovative material is shared as it is being developed and tested in the field and does not represent UN policy. Periodically we will ask users to provide feedback, which will inform the future development of the platform.