Strengthen global and in- country procurement and supply chain systems

Strengthen global and in-country procurement and supply chain systems

Improved access to essential medicines and health products is critical to reaching universal health coverage and is recognized as a key building block of a strong system for heath. Weak procurement and ineffective supply chains weaken the overall health system’s ability to respond to the healthcare needs of the population. Capacity Building should focus on

  1. Effective operationalisation of procurement and supply chain systems: Developing the capacity of supply chain systems to ensure appropriate and uninterrupted supply of medicines, health products and technologies all along the supply chain. Countries are encouraged to design cross-cutting interventions to ensure that the national procurement and supply chain system is strengthened, not just disease-specific supply chains.
  2. Improvement and development of procurement and supply chain systems infrastructure and tools: Strengthening the storage and distribution of medicines and other health products, such as reliable warehousing, distribution and logistics management information systems (LMIS), and investing in innovative information technologies and capacity to manage national forecasting and supply planning.

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