UNDP Global Fund and Health Implementation Guidance Manual

UNDP Global Fund and Health Implementation Guidance Manual

To enhance UNDP’s partnership with the Global Fund and ensure highest performance and strong risk management of grants managed by UNDP across nearly 20 countries, we have created a new web-based UNDP Global Fund & Health Implementation Guidance Manual. This Manual is a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that provides guidance, best practices, and links to existing UNDP rules, policies and procedures, as well as Global Fund guidelines and processes. The main target users are the UNDP Country Offices and their Government and CSO partners when managing Global Fund grants, but can be relevant for other entities also.

This is a one-stop tool that gives access to both UNDP rules and Global Fund procedures, with the objective of making life easier for UNDP Country Offices managing Global Fund grants and furthersystemizing good performance, lowering the transaction costs, and benefitting from economies of scale across UNDP.

This Manual is in the public domain, in the spirit of UNDP’s high standards of transparency and our mission to build national capacity building. Even though some of the content is quite UNDP-specific, a lot of it can be very useful for other implementers of Global Fund grants, including international NGOs that implement grants in many countries.  (Web features have been put in place to protect confidential documents (contracts with vendors, etc.) and are only accessible to UNDP staff).

This is a living tool. UNDP will be updating the Manual as new guidance becomes available, and also expanding the content to include support to health implementation, procurement and supply chain management projects managed by UNDP and funded by other sources and partners, including Government domestic budgets, that are currently increasing rapidly.

You are invited you to visit the website and explore the videos on “How to use the Manual”, which provide new users with guidance on how to navigate key areas of the Manual.