36,800 cases of TB successfully treated

Source: UNDP

Treatment success rate for TB (2015)

Source: World Health Organization

25,900 new smear positive TB cases detected and treated

Source: UNDP

Project Summary

In Iraq, the combination of sectarian violence, internal displacement and influx of refugees from Syria has posed a severe threat to tuberculosis control efforts. UNDP became the Principal Recipient of the Global Fund TB grant in 2008. The TB grant established an emergency cell phone unit ensuring TB patients are reachable to avoid treatment interruptions that threaten to increase drug resistance. In conflict areas, special arrangements, using alternatives routes and local contacts, enabled continuous delivery of TB medicines to patients. Despite the ongoing conflict, Iraq has managed to achieve an 92% treatment success rate for all new cases of TB and 27,300 new smear positive TB cases have been detected and treated.

Capacity Development - TB testing

Through UNDP-managed programmes, Iraq provided significant support to the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for TB. As a result the NRL was accredited for the first time for the proficiency of drug susceptibility testing of mycobacteria tuberculosis in 2011 which was a prerequisite from WHO to start diagnosis and treatment of multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug resistant (XDR) patients.



Maternal and infant mortality

Source: World Health Organization

Domestic spending on TB prevention

Source: World Health Organization